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Dependable taxi service in Troy, Ny operating 24 hours a day!
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Average wait is less than 10 minutes when ordering cab in Troy, NY


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We offer convenient online booking through our app and website.


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Flat airport rates and competitive cab fare pricing.

Get a dependable cab in Troy, New York

Fast Taxi offers dependable cab service throughout the Troy, NY area. Our service runs 24/7 with an average pickup time of less than 15 minutes. Our wide reaching fleet can keep up with the high demand of our customers needs no matter what time of day. We’re also the first cab company to offer a taxi app to Troy, which is quickly becoming the most popular way to book a ride in the city.

Why choose Fast Taxi?

  • Easy: Just give us a call, state your address, and we’ll be there to pick you up within 10 minutes. Use our app for even faster service!
  • Reliable: Our taxi cabs are regularly serviced and well maintained to ensure you never encounter issues on your trip.
  • Professional: Our cab drivers have impeccable track records, are bonded and insured.
  • Affordable: Unlike other taxi’s, we’re happy to quote you a flat rate and our services are always fair and priced competitively.

Request Transportation Now: (518) 500-3020

Troy Airport Taxi Information:
Need a lift to the airport from Troy, Ny? Fast Taxi can serve your drop off and pickup needs to Albany airport anytime. There’s nothing easier than letting us load in your luggage while you enjoy a smooth ride to the airport, completely free of the stressful parking situation you’re probably used to. Please give is a call if you need a cab or need a special vehicle to take you to the airport.

Fare Pricing information for cabs in Troy, NY

we believe in keeping our rates completely transparent to our customers. To see how much a fare would be from your location in Troy to somewhere within the city or out of town, please use our Fair Estimate Tool located here.