Do I Need to Replace My Radiator?

Most of us (okay, maybe just me) only bother to take our vehicles in to the shop once the check engine light has been on a little too long for comfort, or that strange rattling noise won’t seem to go away like it used to.

Guilty as charged. 

It’s understandable, right? No one likes taking their car into the shop – it’s inconvenient and it costs money that we don’t have (or that we have budgeted for our next vacation… or tonight’s over indulgent Just Eat order).  

With that being said, there are some parts of your vehicle that play an integral part in the functionality and performance quality of your vehicle, but that may not give obvious signs that it’s time to be replaced. 

One of these is your radiator.

Without your radiator, your vehicle would overheat and be out of working order quicker than you could place that aforementioned Just Eat order. 

It can be difficult, though, to tell when you need to replace your radiator. This is because it doesn’t give any obvious signs until it’s almost too late.

What to Watch For in Your Vehicle

While it can sometimes be tricky to recognize when your radiator needs work, or even replacing, watching for some of these signs may help:

  • Your coolant is leaking, it’s discoloured, or it has consistently low levels
  • Your vehicle is overheating regularly
  • Rust has accumulated on your radiator
  • Your vehicle’s thermostat seems faulty

Vehicle Maintenance – It’s Well Worth It

By watching for these signs and properly maintaining your radiator as a result, your radiator can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years – or maybe even the life of the vehicle. Oppositely, by failing to be diligent and not keeping up with regular maintenance, you risk incurring thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. 

Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

Act Proactively

While some people may underestimate the importance of a radiator, it is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. 

Rather than waiting until the last minute and taking the chance that it is already too late – save yourself the stress, time, and money, by keeping up to date with inspections and regular maintenance of your radiator. This will not only prolong the life of your current radiator but will also keep you informed as to when it is time to replace it with a new one. 

Take care of your car, and your car will take care of in return.